Make your outdoors look like art with the help of our specialists at J&M Landscaping. Trade basic greenery for quality that you need in your outdoors. Experience our quality through our landscaping services today!

Snow Removal

During the winter season, we understand that snow can become very risky and bothersome. Your driveways may be blocked, your car covered with snow, and much more. Let us help you solve your problems through our snow removal services today!

Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn has never been this easy; we can give you all the care and quality for your lawn needs through our services. Say goodbye to withered and dried-up grass with the help our specialists can bring to you.

Spring Cleanup

Have your outdoors looking its best during the springtime. We remove twigs, weeds, leaves, and overgrown shrubs that might be affecting your outdoor appearance. Let us give you the cleanup your greenery deserves.


Even your trees require a much-needed trim. Promote growth for your trees through our pruning services; it always includes removing dead branches and stubs, checkup for pest and animal infestation within its leaves, and much more.

More Services

- Overseeding
- Aeration
- Fall Mulch
- Tree Stump
- Power Washing
- Lawn Mowing
- Tree Pruning

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